Habitual Mood

Ignoring the internet and joining StoryGraph

I have been attempting to reduce the amount of time I spend on news sites and social media, which has resulted in me spending much less time on the internet in general. Turns out the world still continues on its not-so-merry way when I'm not avidly following its every sickening twist and turn.

I have however joined the book tracking/social media site StoryGraph. The UI is much better than Goodreads, and of course it has the advantage of not being owned by Amazon. I recommend it, especially if you enjoy stats and graphs! One feature than I have only just discovered is that you can have it suggest a book from your TBR pile, within specified parameters, which might be handy for unearthing books you own but keep overlooking. Anyway, my profile is here if you would like to follow and/or befriend me on there.