Habitual Mood

I'm a chicken

My wrist is sore and typing aggravates it, so I'm writing this on my phone using dictation. I have to say it's not ideal! I believe I speak quite clearly, but there's barely a sentence that I don't have to go back and correct. For instance, in the previous sentence, instead of “barely” my phone thought I'd said “Bailey”. But I only say “Bailey” when I'm writing my Party of Five fanfic! Then there's all the random capitalisations – like just now when it capitalised “random”. Anyway, yesterday I had my first hypnotherapy session, although we didn't actually do any hypnosis. I really like the therapist, and for the first time in a long time I felt the slightest kindling of hope. It will be interesting to see how susceptible I am to hypnosis. Based on what I've read about it I suspect I will be receptive, but of course there's no way to know until I'm subjected to the real thing.

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