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The Big List of Book Lists

A curated collection of worthwhile book lists. I try to keep this page up to date, so if you spot any broken links - or want to recommend a list - please send me an email or let me know on Bluesky. (Details on home page.)

Caveat lector: by creating or reading book lists, you risk making our culture worse. Who knows how many infant authors you have smothered in their beds simply by loading this page.


Horror and the supernatural

SF and fantasy

Crime, espionage and adventure

Classics and the canon

The Odd, The Bad & The Ugly

Lists of supposedly "overrated" literature tend to tread the same dull ground again and again. (You hate Moby Dick and Jonathan Franzen? How precious!) Give me lists of the strange, outmoded, and plain silly books that, whether we like it or not, constitute the vast the majority of humanity's collective literary output.