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Stephen Hyden: Every Radiohead Album (Plus Solo Records And Side Projects), Ranked

"...the rare band with multiple masterpieces that appeal to different constituencies. They have put out great records in three different decades, and your personal favorite likely hinges on when you came on board as a fan."

My Radiohead phase is OK Computer through In Rainbows, and like Hyden I am fond of Thom Yorke's The Eraser.


Rowan Lee: Cottagecore, WitchTok, Goblin Mode: The Fairytale Language of the COVID-19 Era

If 2020 was the year of the hyper-feminine nymph in her enchanted cottage at the edge of the fairytale woods, then 2021 was the year of the witch. A year of isolation had made us go a bit peculiar. Witnessing the dark side of humanity made it easier to let go of our fucks and embrace our inner weirdos. We were no longer the dewy-skinned cottagecore ingenue; we were the creature that would devour her. The things we used to care so much about, namely the way others saw us, no longer mattered in the face of so much loneliness, illness, and death.


 I’m more struck by the social than the personal resonances: that a book written in the middle of the Battle of the Atlantic comprehends, on a rather inchoate but nonetheless potent symbolic level, that ships are sunk for reasons that go back a long way; for reasons to do with gold and with the possession of land. That the past is never really past, but is continually erupting into the present. ‘George gave a curious choke. Her eyes burned as if they were on fire. “Mother! You can’t sell my island! You can’t sell my castle! I won’t let them be sold!” Her father frowned. “Don’t be silly, Georgina. It isn’t really yours”.’


The attraction of the negative is that looking down on others can seem like power. It enhances you if you are no the individual or in the group that is being mocked. You elevated not by being or doing anything, just by not being something – a victory for inaction.
What I love to see is arts and artists that are full of love, that enhance, that make people feel happier to be alive, that offer people new ways of thinking and being.

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