Habitual Mood

Weather, mental and atmospheric

Therapy this morning. Was nice to be able to tell my therapist that some things have improved since our last session. Two cheers for psychopharmacology. I don't take anything for granted: my mental health has been a rollercoaster ride for long enough that I can never really trust it. But I have gotten better at setting that mistrust aside as much as possible and trying to enjoy feeling better while it lasts.

I am currently awaiting delivery of a new weather station. I don't know if this is common, but when I hit middle age I thought: I'd like to start measuring atmospheric conditions. We've had a basic outdoor/indoor thermometer for a few years, and have had a couple of different rain gauges. The new weather station has a barometer, a wind speed and direction sensor, and various other things. My partner's uncle has two weather stations so he can compare data sets. At present that seems like overkill to me, but I'm not ruling anything out.

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